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Duniya-E-Ilm contains all updated information about marketing, accountancy, travel, writing, books, grammar, and many more. Customers can gain knowledge through blogs, videos, webinars, training sessions here. We are here to gain trust and build a cordial relationship with all of my customers by providing good quality products and services. I want them to be fully satisfied. 

The website has come here to understand the needs of the people and give valuable information to them. This website will also conduct personal sessions with people and get their own experiences. The Founder, Zameer Ahmed Shaikh has gained a lot of experiences from his life and had come up with an idea to share his information and his thoughts.


Zameer Ahmed Shaikh want to teach students, professionals retired people, women. I want to give advice to my students to make their financial goals earlier in life and free themselves from all sorts of credits, loans, and manage their liabilities and make payments on time and make their life enjoyable and stress-free. We want them to be independent in their life. He wants the students to get a real structure of work life and remove them from their dream world. 

Retired people can valuable information and get updates on what is going on in the world. Women can get their free time from household work and can get updates of their dreams which they have not acquired. They have to build a strong connection and make a good rapport in the blog industry. His dream is to fulfill the dream of others and give a happy life to others. Be a part of the team to make our dreams come true.